AI-innovate’s story
AI-innovate delivers machine vision solutions to the manufacturing industry. Using computer vision and deep learning, AI-innovate is able to increase productivity and quality.
Three people make up AI-innovate’s core team. (1) Mehdi Sanjari has a background in material engineering with previous experience in entrepreneurship and managing AI projects.   (2) Peyman Saidi is a data scientist with a materials engineering background. (3) Omid Sharifi is an electrical engineer with experience in industrial automation and image processing.  The core team of the company has worked in numerous industries, federal laboratories, and academic institutions, and they’ve come together to put their skills to use by specializing on machine vision.
Customized prototypes have been made by AI-innovate thus far. The development of these prototypes was a collaborative effort involving numerous teams:
•       Image processing and AI
•       UI and IT
•       Business analysis
Along the way, the company has formed partnerships with academic institutions and businesses with a proven track record in providing relevant products and services.
Sept. 2020: The Company was established.
May 2021: The Company started a collaboration with FuturU Inc., the producer of 3D body scanners based on computer vision.
July 2021: The Company started collaborating with saiwa Inc., a software as a service (SaaS) platform that provides ready-to-use machine learning tools.
Sept. 2021: NGEN Canada approved AI-innovate’s proposal on “Digital Twin of the Aluminum Strip Casting Process via Computational Materials Science and Big Data Analysis” in collaboration with CASTechnology ULC. 
Sept. 2021: AI-innovate started a Capstone project on video-as-a-service software with McMaster Engineering & Management program.
Oct. 2021: Innovation Venture Farm invested in AI-innovate.
Dec. 2021: AI-innovate started five healthcare, agriculture, and surface inspection projects in collaboration with McMaster University MEng program.
Jan. 2022: AI-innovate has sponsored a new internship project on “data-driven real-time defect detection in polymer production lines using machine learning” under the Mitacs Accelerate program.
Feb. 2022: AI-innovate has sponsored a new internship on “Predicting Perishable Field Vegetables’ Supply Using Artificial Intelligence and Satellite Imagery” under the Mitacs Accelerate program.