FuturU’s story
FuturU builds 3D body scanners to deliver accurate, quick, and reliable measurements across a wide range of markets: from home, healthcare settings, diet clinics, spas, and fitness centers to made-to-measure clothing design.
The scan is displayed as a 3D avatar, supported with measurements that give a variety of analyses. Although the product portfolio expands beyond, the Company is currently focused on 3D body scanners in two versions: enterprise (FBS200) and home (Homa).
With FBS200, FuturU has targeted gyms, fitness centers, health clubs, and diet clinics. Meanwhile, the Homa project is in progress with the purpose of producing a low-weight, cost-effective 3D body scanner to be used in homes. The commercial version of Homa is planned to be launched by the end of 2022.
Dec. 2020: FBS200 was released.
Apr. 2021: Homa project started.
May 2021: FuturU Inc. was officially established.
Jun 2021: The website was created.
Jul.-Aug. 2021: The LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram channels were launched.
Oct. 2021: Homa phase 1 was completed. It included an MVP with hardware, software, and a mobile app.
Dec. 2021: Innovation Venture Farm invested in FuturU.
Mar. 2022: Marketing campaigns accelerated.
Apr 2022: The 2nd version of FBS200 was created and tested.
May 2022: Homa phase 2 was completed. The scan accuracy increased, and the body parametric model was completed.
Jul. 2022: The 2nd version of FBS200 will be commercially launched. It is a lightweight product that can be taken apart and carried easily. Some other hardware modifications were also involved.
Dec. 2022: Homa will be launched.

Founded in 2020 December, The FUTURU team is made up of a dedicated group of engineers, product managers, data scientists and fitness lovers on a mission to deliver data-driven, evidence-based wellness insights. Our team of experts have years of experience in technical innovation, including specialities in light-based scanning technologies, computer science and artificial intelligence, and a strong background in production development combining hardware and software.

Start: 2020 December

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