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An idea can reform the entire world. Our mission to find, identify, and support new entrepreneurial opportunities is based on this ideology. The knowledge we bring to our clients does not simply end up in products but extends to entire industries that shape our world. Through mentoring, design, strategy, capitalization, and marketing, we help bring new ideas to fruition.

Rather than focusing on the business strategy, we seek to create and invest in businesses with ambitious founders who are innovating in response to technological needs. By using our access to a powerful network of specialists, founders, investors, managers, and corporate partners, we are developing a strategy for the future of the company that will be constructed with a specific goal in mind.


We are a start-up studio that processes the best ideas and accelerates the formation of new companies.

Product development

We create startup goods through the collaboration of a network of managers and technical specialists.

Business leadership

Our startup studio employs business planning and has a vast network of business coaches at its disposal. We assist founders in developing business strategies and establishing superiority. To launch world-class products, we collaborate with the greatest Business Managers in the industry.


We make investments in technology-driven, industry-shaping companies across North America. The majority of us are entrepreneurs who have developed successful, innovative businesses. We are happy to assist any entrepreneurs that wish to follow in our footsteps.

We make ideas happen

We collaborate with innovators and provide the necessary mentoring and assistance in developing the ideas and finding investors through our network.

Problem and opportunity
Ideas and innovations
Design and construction
Commercialization and market entry

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Trifecta of innovation, investment, and intelligent strategy are required to succeed in the startup world. At Innovation Ventura Farm, we bring all three factors in harmony and unify them to achieve goals during the project development process.


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We collaborate with innovators and provide the necessary mentoring and assistance in refining the idea and finding investors through our network.