CMTS: A report on AI-innovate’s attendance at the Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show

The Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS) provided Ai-innovate with a platform to showcase its creative ideas to a broader audience. Numerous cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence, were on display at this show. We had the opportunity to speak with key figures in artificial intelligence up close. We are grateful for the critical assistance provided by […]

Unleash the Future of Innovation at the Next Generation Startup 2023!

Mark your calendars for August 26 & 27 as we transform the prestigious Royal Continental Hotel into a pulsating hub of entrepreneurial energy! Forge powerful connections that transcend borders! Rub shoulders with international investors who are eager to champion the next big thing. Partner up, pitch your genius, and let your startup soar to unprecedented […]

Next Generation StartUps 2023

Ready to take your startup to the global stage? Join us in Dubai for the “Next Generation Startups” international event, a unique collaboration between Innovation Venture Farm and top-tier industry experts. By participating, you’ll: · Network with industry leaders and seasoned investors · Gain valuable insights on securing capital and expanding internationally · Explore untapped […]

Unveiling the Power of Collaboration and Innovation at the Collision Event

A Gathering of Visionaries In the ever-evolving landscape of business and technology, few events hold as much significance as the Collision event. This unique convergence brings together a diverse array of innovators, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and enthusiasts, igniting a powerful platform for collaboration, idea exchange, and transformative thinking. The Journey of Innovation Venture Farm Nestled […]

Leader in Custom Machine Vision Solutions AI-innovate’s storyAI-innovate delivers machine vision solutions to the manufacturing industry. Using computer vision and deep learning, AI-innovate is able to increase productivity and quality.Three people make up AI-innovate’s core team. (1) Mehdi Sanjari has a background in material engineering with previous experience in entrepreneurship and managing AI projects.   (2) Peyman Saidi is a data […]

Simple AI web application Saiwa provides easy-to-use web services and online demos to many AI applications. saiwa is a B2B and B2C platform which provides artificial intelligence and machine learning software as a service (SaaS). Here, individuals and companies are empowered to explore and deploy AI services suited to their needs, with lower risk, without the need for […]

We See Differently

Established in 2021, Cropixel is a remote sensing and image processing firm that employs artificial intelligence and remote sensing techniques. Crop classification maps will be trustworthy and scalable if satellite pictures are used to create them, as will be the case. When combined with a short revisit time and high spatial resolution, the availability of […]

Shape your future

FuturU’s storyFuturU builds 3D body scanners to deliver accurate, quick, and reliable measurements across a wide range of markets: from home, healthcare settings, diet clinics, spas, and fitness centers to made-to-measure clothing design. The scan is displayed as a 3D avatar, supported with measurements that give a variety of analyses. Although the product portfolio expands […]