Dubai's Premier Next Generation Startups Conference

Dive into the world of innovation and growth, with global investors, accelerators, and incubators converging in Dubai. Secure your spot by registering today or reaching out for an entrance interview. Our experts are eager to guide you on this incredible journey.
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Trust us to nurture your startup's growth

Starting a startup journey can be daunting. From inception to fundraising, we’ll be your steadfast companion, helping you navigate challenges smoothly.


Royal Continental Hotel


26 & 27 August

Guidelines for Engaging in the Event

Initial Registration

Take the first step by completing the form at the page's bottom. Our experts will be in touch.

Initial Interview

Our experts will coordinate an interview to understand your startup's vision and goals.

Exclusive Invitation

Selected startups will receive an exclusive invitation to the Dubai conference, competing for the next phase.

Engaging Workshops, Certification, and Competition

Four specialized workshops await, coupled with a question-answer panel and idea presentations. A valuable certificate will be awarded.

Rewarding Excellence

Top three teams stand to win a prize of $50,000. Even teams without capital attraction have an opportunity for an attractive offer.

Exclusive Opportunity

Limited to 100 participants, this event is tailor-made for startup founders, experts, and idea owners aiming for rapid growth and capital attraction, all while establishing a presence in Canada.

Speakers and Mentors

Event Details

Day 1

Professional mentors will guide participants on the first day, preparing them for the "next generation startup event" where they can showcase their plans.

Day 2

On the second day, participants will explore Dubai's premier incubator, gaining insights into an international-standard environment.

Day 3

The third day culminates in specialized workshops, certification, and awards for the top startups.



Emirates Startup Event Awards and Benefits

The first-ranked startup gets a $25,000 grant.
The second startup receives $15,000.
The third startup is awarded $10,000.

Cost of Participation for Startups

$ 590

Package One (in person)

  • Full event access and workshop benefits included.
  • Tour fee spread over 6 monthly installments.
$ 440

Package Two (online)

  • Experience full in-person participation benefits.
  • Present to investors virtually.
  • Cost-effective option.

Cost of Participation for Investors and VCs

$ 2000
Online presence
  • Presenting startup pitch documents.
  • Opportunity to partner with international accelerators.

Register Now

Fill out the form with accurate details, facilitating swift communication with our experts.


Royal Continental Hotel


Third - 41 - 27th St - Port Saeed - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

The conference has been held; Therefore, it is not possible to register!